The Red Sox are dead to Boston fans

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

It was very odd waking up today knowing the Red Sox season was over after the worst September in Major League Baseball history. A part of me was obviously disappointed and shocked that Red Sox couldn’t muster a first round playoff appearance with the juggernaut of a lineup (on paper) and flame throwing pitching staff (also on paper). But another part of me was satisfied. This team was disgraceful over the last month. Historically disgraceful. And seeing them lose gave me a “good, you deserved it” type mentality.

Let me just make it clear that I did not follow the Red Sox as loyally as I have done in the past. In fact, with the news of the NFL lockout ending and my obsession of getting drunk outside this summer, I barely payed attention to the team. I followed them here and there, but I never made a point to sit down and watch an entire game start to finish like I used to. And do you know why? Because I knew this team would make it to the playoffs come October, because of the absurd talent they acquired in the off season.

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

And I think I’m not in the minority here. Once loyal Sox fans, have now become fare-weather and last night was proof. For example, I decided to watch the deciding game last night and around the 2nd or 3rd inning I became hungry and walked to my favorite burrito palace, Annas Taqueria. So as I completed my order and proceeded to walk out of the restaurant, I heard two guys in line talking about the Red Sox and the score. They were thrilled that the Sox were up 1-0 until I politely intervened by saying “Actually it’s 2-1 Orioles right now”. And guess what. We were both wrong. That was the score when I left my apartment 20 minutes prior, so the score at that very point when I thought I was being a fan was actually 3-2 Boston. And this situation proves the lack of fan-hood for this team. Because if it were any other Boston team, the Celtics or Patriots, there would be no chance in hell I would get up in the middle of a game to go get food. And even if I did, I would be tracking the score the entire time like John Clayton.

And later on that night, I proved it to myself once again. Instead of watching the Rays come back against the Yankees, I decided to watch a DVR’ed episode of the new Real World season. I periodically checked my phone to see what the score was, but never had any intention of changing the channel. Until I saw that the measly Dan Johnson was up at bat with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth, I made a point to put the MTV slop on hold. The second I flipped over to the game, I saw a pathetic Tampa Bay crowd go insane after the by god Dan Johnson roped a line drive home run to tie the game. And that’s when I flicked back on Real World San Diego because I knew the Sox were done.

But will I be a fan next year? Probably not, because I feel like I am too removed from this team at this point.  It’s like not liking seafood one day, then deciding you love it the next.  It doesn’t work that way and neither does this situation with the Sox.  Boston is no longer a Red Sox driven town, and in my opinion they are officially ranked 4th on the charisma chart among the Boston teams.

2 thoughts on “The Red Sox are dead to Boston fans

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tito needs to go and Gonzalez is a pussy that can hit. The pitching sucks and the farm system is thin. Welcome to another decade of misery

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