Why the Red Sox need Bruce Chen

#52 – SP – Kansas City Royals
Regular Season 3.98 12 8 93 1.31
Career 4.55 60 58 878 1.39
Coming soon… #69 – SP – Boston Red Sox???
All day I have been hearing that the Red Sox are about to trade for lefty starter Bruce Chen from the Kansas City Royals so he can start against the Rays if there is a one game playoff. Everybody is talking about how bad Chen has been over his career, but I think this is the right move. Look at last night, Erik Bedard, former Oriole and inconsistent lefty took care of business (okay, he didn’t make it through four innings, but they won). Chen is also a former Oriole and inconsistent lefty… sounds like a perfect plan to me.  In all honesty, he did have a really good year, especially for the Royals, so why not roll the dice if need be? What are your other options anyways? Wakefield who can’t win a game? Or maybe John “Divorce your cancer patient wife” Lackey? Says a lot about a team when you have to pick up a mediocre pitcher for one game… See ya later Theo.

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