Lunch of the Day

Today’s Lunch of the Day was a bit of a struggle. This painful looking dish is from the well known Mexican Fast Food Chain Chipotle. When I arrived at the restaurant, I was greeted with the back of a 45 year old woman who was in line. The line was bonkers, but I still decided to wait it out. I was so blown back by the line that I decided to take a picture, but a random woman caught me in the act and forced me to drop my phone because I got nervous. As you can see below, the woman blatantly caught me and gave me dirty looks the entire time we were in line after that. So I finally got my order (chicken burrito bowl extra chicken with chips and salsa) and ran out to the parking lot to my car because I was running late due to the goddamn line. I ate the chips on the ride back to the office, getting multiple large pieces stuck in my throat because I refused to chew properly.

And as of right now, as I type these very words, I am sickly full. Eating Chipotle is no joke, and when you have to consume it quickly before your lunch break is over, it creates a full on nightmare for your stomach…..a serious, serious nightmare.

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