Lavarnway Nation

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Ryan Lavarnway, the rookie catcher out of Yale crushed two home runs last night in a must win game against the Baltimore Orioles. The rookie catcher that wasn’t really trusted to catch said after the game, “This is what you dream of as a kid”. Two home runs in a must win game in the middle of a historic catastrophic team meltdown is certainly a unique dream for a youngster.

So with Lavarnways’s performance last night, it makes things a little more interesting and difficult for Terry Francona. The man with the cleanest scalp in sports has to make a decision, and that decision is to start Lavarnway or go with the now ready Jared Saltalamacchia. Riding a rookie that isn’t the best catcher is a risk, especially because Saltalamacchia catches Lester (no homo). But if Lavarnway doesn’t start tonight and the Sox lose, you will have idiot Red Sox fans outraged because the rookie wasn’t in the lineup, claiming the season depended on his bat.

So tonight will be interesting. Francona has some tough choices to make with the season on the line. But Lavarnway has to be on cloud nine this morning, and despite the Sox current horrible situation, the rookie is high off of his own fumes.


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