Pau Gasol looks busy during the lockout

Pau Gasol should be embarrassed. Not because his facial features are uncorrectable, even by the most talented plastic surgeon in LA, but because he looks eerily similar to the unfunny Chris D’Elia. If you’re like me and have no idea who the hell Chris D’Elia even is, he is the male that plays a boyfriend in the NBC sitcom “Whitney” starring Whitney Cummings.  And if you are wondering who the hell Whitney Cummings is too, she is the very unfunny, loud comedian that is commonly seen on Comedy Central Roasts.

If looks and life couldn’t get any worse for Pau Gasol, now he resembles the forgettable guy who is the weaker character in the laugh track abusing show “Whitney”. I’m not even sure if it’s a worthy insult because of the general lack of attention for this show or man, but Pau is dead on in the looks category.

I’ll bet my Bar Mitzvah money Pau can act better than this guy though. Holy hell this is rancid. Thank god for that laugh track.

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