OK Richard Seymour…

The Raiders have won 2 games, blah blah blah, who cares? Not me, not in this lifetime. Now, Richard “past his prime” Seymour has come up with a ridiculous form of celebrating.

Minors may want to avert their eyes when the defense is on the field, Seymour said in explaining his cross-armed “X” gesture.-NESN.com

People used to avert their eyes when this defense used to take the field. A lot of Raiders fans still do. Why would people have to avert their eyes? It’s football. It’s on live TV. There is only like a few things that you could do where people would avert their attention. Crossing your arms to form an “X” doesn’t fall into that category, Richard.

“When I throw up the ‘X,’ that means it’s time to put the kids to bed”  Seymour was quoted as saying by Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee. “It’s X-rated out there. That means if you’re 13 and under, don’t watch this.”-NESN.com

Most of the NFL games are slated for 1:00 PM or 4:00 PM start times. Putting the kids to bed at that hour would just be ridiculous. If your playing Monday night, then I guess kids on the east coast would go to bed. But that leaves the west coast kids still watching, Richard. I’d say about 38% of the NFL audience is 13-year-old kids and under. Way to kill the ratings bro. X also marks the proverbial spot. The Patriots will be looking for that X come Sunday.

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