Brad Marchand Tattoo Gone Wrong

We all know how awesome and unreal it is that the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup. I, among many other Bruins fans, celebrated the right way. Waking up on a deflated mattress covered in champagne. That’s how you do it. But what did the players who actually won the Stanley Cup do immediately after the victory? They got tattoo’s in the locker room dammit, that’s what they do.

“Let me clear something up,” Marchand said. “After we won, a bunch of us got tattoos here in the dressing room of the [TD] Garden. Mine originally was misspelled. Instead of saying Stanley Cup Champions it said Stanley Cup Champians. I don’t even know how that

You know you’re partying out of control when you get a misspelled tattoo. This is just awesome right here. Nothing like getting something to remember history by ink form. Yea, it’s unfortunate that the message may have been misspelled, but that’s why pens have erasers. Now, clearly in this case, there is no eraser. But, there is such thing as changing a misplaced “A” into a odd looking “O” and that is what happened here.

“After I got it, I came in the room and someone was like ‘it says champians … with an a,'” he added. “So I went back and the tattoo guy fixed it after that.”

No harm, no foul. Marchand rules.

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