Bills win the Superbowl yesterday

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

As I sit here on this Monday morning, with severe stomach cramps from the excessive amount of Oreo’s and milk I idiotically consumed right before bed, I noticed that the Buffalo Bills sit atop the AFC East at a unfathomable 3-0. It’s a strange feeling, especially because after Brady threw his 3rd TD pass yesterday that put the Pats up 21-0, I leaned over to my brother and said “It’s gonna be a blood bath today.” I was wrong. Very wrong. The Bills came back from 21 points, and in the second consecutive week had a come from behind win. Amazing? No, the Pats played like shit and the Bills circled this game on their calendar the second their miserable 2010 season came to an end. The city of Buffalo must have been partying all night long last night, and that’s a disgusting scene for the mind to conjure up. A few things from the game:

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Somebody get Wes Welker a gallon of Pedialyte:
16 catches, 217 yards, 2 TD and multiple camera shots that revealed that Wes is rapidly losing his hair. With Hernandez out, Brady made it clear from the opening drive that Wes would be his main target for the game. Welker was getting the shit kicked out of him, catching 16 balls and nearly getting hit on every one of them. Career highs in catches and yards for Welker, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been able to keep any food down since the game ended.

Buffalo fans have no shame:
There was an odd and extraordinary amount of Bills fans that were shirtless in the crowd yesterday. It was a beautiful day I’ll give you that, but the next time I want to see a bunch of pale out of shape guys, I’ll just go to nearest JCC mens locker room.

Chad Ochocinco…
I’m not going to state the obvious, but Chad didn’t do his part yesterday. I’m sure Brady will have some words with him behind closed doors. Goddammit Chad.

Gronk moves on from his brothers departure:
Gronk had 7 catches for 109 yards with 2 TD in his return to his hometown. Just after his brother was released from the team last week, Gronk comes out guns blazing for this game. I’m shocked there wasn’t a celebratory finger point to the sky or some bullshit that was meant for Dan.

The Pats D still looks like the Pats D
Forcing two turnovers in the first half was an encouraging sign. Kyle Arrington was responsible for both of those with two interceptions. The rest of the game…not so much. Maybe it was the absence of Haynesworth, Chung, Wright, and Dowling, but the Pats secondary looks rough. Mccourty isn’t feared at all. Teams are going after him like he has one leg, and are having pretty good success too. The pass rush still isn’t where it needs to be either, but the season is still young and I refuse to beleive a D-Line with Wilfork and Haynesworth side by side can’t produce.


3 thoughts on “Bills win the Superbowl yesterday

  1. Jackie S. says:

    Really, Moose!?!? Get over it. They lost ONE game. For Buffalo fans, it was good to finally see the 8 year streak broken. Oh wait, you’re from Boston, so you know about curses pretty well, huh? Before you start dogging an entire city, calling the population “disgusting” and all, maybe you should take a look around your own city! Disgusting is that Barbie doll freak you have as a quarterback. I bet he cried about losing as that P.O.S. Belichick was french braiding his hair in the locker room. Belichick didn’t even have the courtesy of shaking the opposing team’s hands. What a sore-ass loser! You may think the city of Buffalo and all of it’s residents are nasty, but they’re some of the friendliest people on this Earth. Belichick’s attitude is a piss-poor ambassador for your city and I would have been embarassed to be a Pats fan yesterday. Dry it up, pal. Accept defeat quietly and be a man about it.

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