Fear the Beard: Ryan Fitzpatrick

He looks like a Buffalo native with the beard

Entering his 7th year in the NFL, Ryan Fitzpatrick might be making a name for himself with the Buffalo Bills. With 7 TD’s already in two games this season, Fitzpatrick is slowly morphing into a, dare I say, reliable QB? Listen, I know it’s only been two games but Fitzpatrick looks more in control and poised this year (didn’t mean to sound like Steve “the drunk” Young there). The Bills have an offense that can score points, being 1st in the league in points per game with almost 40. Let me say that again, the Buffalo Bills average almost 40 freaking points a game so far this season. And Fitzpatrick is a huge reason why. With Fred Jackson running like he just egged a house this year, Fitzpatrick provides the perfect complimentary passing game. The end result, a surprisingly high powered offense….so far.

But here’s another reason why the Pats shouldn’t think twice about the bearded Harvard guy this Sunday. He lead a comeback against the Raiders last Sunday that hasn’t happened for the Bills organization in years….years. A cool 3 TD performance paired with a game-winning drive with multiple 4th down conversions is impressive. Accept it or not Fitzpatrick could be on the rise, and this Sunday against the Pats could be his big break. With a dinged up secondary, Fitzpatrick will be throwing on rookies all day long. If the pass rush is sub par for the Pats, Fitzpatrick could throw up some wickid numbaaass kid.

So this weekend doesn’t make or break the Bills starting QB. But if he does well, and the Bills get to that 3-0 record for the first time since the atom bomb was discovered, he could become the official franchise QB if he continues his play throughout the season.


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