Fan throws banana at black NHL player

Associated Press

A hockey fan threw a banana at the Philadelphia Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds in an apparent racist taunt as thAfrican-American winger prepared for a shootout.

Simmonds scored on the attempt, which came Thursday night in a pre-season game against the Detroit Red Wings before a neutral crowd in London, Ontario. After the game, Simmonds took the high road when asked about the disturbing incident.

“I don’t know if it was because I’m black or not,” said Simmonds, who is from Ontario. “Because if it was, that’s just somebody being ignorant. When you’re black, you kind of expect (racist) things. You learn to deal with it.”

How premeditated was this whole plan? Because they don’t sell bananas at hockey games. This guy must have went out an hour or two before game time, sat in heavy downtown traffic to get to the grocery store only to find limited parking, go to the produce section in the store with expensive bananas for sale, wait in line to buy the bananas but the process is slowed down because two old ladies at the front of the line decide to write checks for thier groceries, leave the store to sit in more traffic for the game, pay $45 for parking, get inside the arena and buy eight $10 beers, sit there the entire game with a banana in your pocket probally smushing it a little, and then end up hurling it a black guy at the beginning of the shootout.

Either that or the guy usually throws apples and decided to mix it up this game and the entire situation is just a misunderstanding.

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