The Bruins stick it to Ryan Reynolds

NESN – The Bruins and their partying ways were the talk of the town all summer long. Apparently, the party is over. According to the Boston Herald, members of the Bruins were recently out on the town, partying at Red Lantern on Stanhope Street when they bumped into Canadian-born actor and Canucks fan, Ryan Reynolds, who has been in Boston filming R.I.P.D.

The B’s were “just a little too close to the Canadian-born Sexiest Man Alive, who felt the need to stand up for his hometown heroes. There was some, um, chatting back and forth,” the report indicates. Reynolds then tried to offer the B’s a peace treaty of 22 shots — one for each member of their posse. The Black and Gold bunch, however, refused the tequila shots and graciously made a group of young ladies’ night by passing them along to a bachelorette party at a nearby table.

Let me start this off by saying, Moose is a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds. I wouldn’t call it a man crush, but the dude was named Sexiest Man Alive and Moose may or may not have a life-size cardboard cutout of Reynolds in his bathroom… you know, the shirtless Ryan Reynolds in “Amityville Horror.” So out of respect to Moose, we wont crucify the guy. Yes the guy is good looking, funny, and was married to Scar-Jo, but Reynolds being from Canada and being a Canucks fan is disgusting. When I heard about this I was as proud as anyone could be to be a fan of my team, the Bruins. The Green Lantern tried to buy shots for the entire Bruins crew and they didn’t just say no but they gave them away to a bunch of chicks in a bachelorette party… epic. Talk about kicking him when he’s down; team sucks and he sucks. Seventeen dollars says Ryan Reynolds was wearing a Canadian tux… if I was from Canada I know that’s what I’d be wearing. Oh, and sorry Moose but that R.I.P.D. movie is going to be awful.


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