Stanley Cup Champs Back In Action

What’s up world, it’s time for the Black and Gold to start their title defense. It begins tonight with their first pre-season game against the lowly Ottawa Senators. Am I jacked up for this game? Kind of, not really. Pre-season blows. But what I am jacked up about is that hockey is back.

It’s been a pretty obscene off-season for the B’s. I’m sure the first game back will show how much alcohol they have consumed since winning it all. Milan Lucic has had a cooler full of beer following him around since game 7. A cooler with wheels, he doesn’t have to carry that shit. And you know what? I’m OK with that. I don’t care if they come out tonight and lose 14-0. None of this matters until October 6th, when those idiots from Philly come to Boston to watch us raise the banner.

A couple of notes for tonight:

Captain, Zdeno Chara, will not be in action because he took a slap shot somewhere on that tree trunk of a leg he has. Not worried about it. Also, a lot of starters probably won’t be playing which means the quality of this game could be somewhere between “who gives a hoot” and “something tolerable.”  Who will be in net? I don’t know, I’m not a magician.

But puck is back. Boston Bruins will be facing the best effort from every team, every game, which should make for a pretty exciting season.


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