Wait… Mariano Rivera is the all-time saves leader?

Monday night the longtime Yankee closer Mariano Rivera notched his career 602 save passing Trevor Hoffman as the all-time leader in saving games. Most of you probably know this, but some of you could be hearing this for the first time because the lack of attention this is getting is off the charts. Yes, saves have only been recorded for a small portion of time considering how long baseball has been around. And yes, most of us already thought Rivera was the all-time leader in saves because he is the best closer ever. And yes yes, most people reading this are Boston fans and hate Mariano Rivera. But the dude is the sultan of saves, the pride of pounding people inside with cut fastballs, the king of Ks at the end of games! Just a few months ago Rivera’s teammate Derek Jeter got a HBO special and weeks of ESPN sweating his nuts for becoming the 28th player to get 3000 hits. Jeter is one of 28 and Rivera is one of one… At least give the guy a special appearance on Cake Boss.


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