Lunch of the Day

Today for “Lunch of the Day” we have a colossal turkey sandwich with leftover pasta. And this is a perfect example why you shouldn’t make your lunch the morning you wake up for work. Because at 6:45 AM, when you’re stacking turkey on a sandwich in an apartment with one light on and you feel inebriated from lack of sleep, excessive deli meat stacking will take place. When you are in that state of mind at that time in the morning, it’s very easy to over pile your lunch. And when you over pile, you over eat. And that’s exactly what happened here. Now, I feel like my head is being held up by a Popsicle stick because I can’t stop nodding off at my desk. The pasta didn’t help either, because my logic at 6:45 AM forced me to make a side dish when it wasn’t necessary at all. I am literally stuffed to the rafters….

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