Is Brian Urlacher the only guy that can pull off the barbed wire tattoo?

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Ah, the barbed wire tattoo. The once dominant tattoo design, that swept the nation nearly ten years ago. It was like people were discovering gold or crack for the first time, and anyone and everyone who wanted it could afford it. Barbed wire reached it’s pinnacle in popularity ten years ago, when you would see a new person each week wearing a cutoff so they could expose their fresh tatt of….barbed wire. There were different versions of this design however. The full, wrap around version that would go completely around the entire bicep and connect on the other side. This version displayed toughness, because it meant that you had the grapefruits to get tatted up on the inner part of the arm (the sensitive part I hear). Then there was the half version. The design that only went half way around the bicep, thus leaving the inner part of the arm untouched with ink. These people were chastised and mocked in the barbed wire tattoo community, and most likely tried to remove their poor investment years later.

Either way, full version or half version, these tattoos were certainly a fad. Kind of like the Airwalk shoes, everyone had them. But do you know what happens to fashion and fads? They become old and un-original after their day in the sun. Much like what happened to the Barbed Wire Tattoo. Now, people who have the infamous design are seen as “not with the times” or “ehh, I’m not sure if I want to hang out with you anymore.”

Until I saw Brian Urlacher last Sunday. The man has a FULL barbed wire tattoo on his right arm. Exposed and free for the world to see. And for some reason, it works for him. Maybe it’s the shaved head or the fact that he chews rocks, Urlacher might be the only man in the universe that can pull off this tattoo to this day. Well, him and WCW’s Goldberg. The guy put the tattoo on the map. But Urlacher knows he can pull it off too. He has millions of dollars which would allow him to get the proper treatment for removing the ink. But no. He loves it and it loves him. The tattoo was made for Brian Urlacher and Brian Urlacher alone. Not for the 22 year old college kid who wears a flurocent orange visor to the beach.

So keep doing what you’re doing Brian. Because even if it did look like shit, I doubt anyone would say anything anyways.


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