So how many Pats fans almost vomited after this play yesterday?

Tom Brady got knocked around a little bit yesterday. The tall, frail, quarterback had a solid amount of pressure in his face for parts of the game, but the play that almost had Pats fans take steak knives to their wrists was a play in the 3rd quarter.

Brady was getting pressured, and like he always does he stepped into the pocket and tossed the rock. As he was doing so, a Chargers D-Lineman lunged at his knee and wrapped it up from the side. This play was eerily similar to the play that destroyed the Pats season in 2008 when Brady tore his ACL.

So what was everyone’s initial reaction when this happened yesterday? I’m not proud of what came out of my mouth at the time. Not because it involved obscenities, but because I made this awkward, short, high pitched yell that didn’t really resemble any type of word. I’m not even sure what it was, but it was almost like my mind couldn’t process words fast enough for my mouth to react. From what I remember it was kind of like a “Ohhaaayeee”. Again, I think I was trying to say something in regards to Brady’s knee, but the whole situation happened too fast I couldn’t even think.

It was frightening yes but today, we are still here. We’re all still here.


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