Lunch of the Day

Today for “Lunch of the Day” we have left over city. We got some chicken with some broccoli, pasta with some veggies underneath as well. And yes, what you see in the picture is a knife. And do you know why there is a knife there? Because my office has been out of forks for 3 months and has not replaced them yet. Or so I thought. I ate this entire meal with a damn knife. Have you ever tried to eat pasta with a knife? It sucks. It took me 25 minutes to eat my lunch today, and when I went inside to wash out the container in the sink I saw the unthinkable in one of the cabinets….Forks. Hundreds of them. So after sweating in the sun, trying to balance pasta and broccoli on a friggin’ knife, I find literally hundreds, maybe thousands of forks. Damn you office assistant, damn you.

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