Brad Marchand named on list for Most Stylish Bostonians..seriously

With a new two-year, $5 million contract, Brad Marchand will certainly have some money to play with. But even before inking the new lucrative deal, the Bruins forward still managed to show off his style.

The Boston Globe named Marchand as one of the 25 most stylish Bostonians in 2011. It’s the sixth time the Globe has released the annual list, but some of Marchand’s teammates are a bit skeptical, especially since he was often seen shirtless as part of the team’s Stanley Cup celebrations.

Nathan Horton joked that the article must have been printed wrong, while Shawn Thornton chalks it up as an indication that Bostonians consider shirtless with a shaved chest to be “stylish.”

I’ve heard of impossible feats and accomplishments before. Jordan battling through the flu against the Jazz in the 1997 NBA finals, Rajon Rondo playing with a dislocated elbow in this years playoff against the Heat, Uta Pippig refusing to quit in the Boston Marathon even when diarrhea was flowing down her legs (no lie my eyes just got watery from gagging). And now, Brad Marchand joins the elite fraternity of accomplishing something incredible. Sure Marchand didn’t have to battle through anything to get this honor, but it’s equally as amazing and astonishing.

Marchand dresses like any 20 something that goes out to Fanuel Hall on a Friday night. American Eagle button up, jeans, and black or brown shoes. It’s the most common outfit in Boston for young adults. And apparently the Boston Globe has never seen such an amazing “collaboration” of clothing. Not to mention that Marchand went shirtless for an entire month after the B’s won the Cup.

So either the Globe has rancid taste in fashion, or this could be the best practical joke in Boston Media history.


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