Pats beat Chargers in “Lubed Up” Environment

Goal line Defense in Foxboro? (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The New England Patriots beat the San Diego chargers in a stereotypical offensive AFC battle at a “lubed up” Gilette Stadium.  The normally reserved Foxboro crowd seemed inspired from Brady’s comments last week, and sounded like they topped off their drinks just a little bit more in the parking lot before the game.  The Chargers boast one of the NFL’s best offenses, but stumbled in the red zone, allowing the Pats to take advantage of missed opportunities.  Here’s what stood out:

Chad Ochocinco caught 2 friggin balls
Targeted twice, caught the ball twice. I’ll admit, the crowd provoked some “Goosebump City” material when they gave Chad a roaring ovation after his first reception. You almost got the feeling Chad was going to finally break out from his funk and get cooking. Chad had another reception in the second quarter for 30 yards, but besides that Chad was never heard from again.

Vince Wilfork
Maybe the most entertaining play of the year so far. Vince Wilfork, an All-Pro nose tackle always clogged the middle with his premature heart diseased body, but today he showed some nimble skills. You know what they say about soft hands don’t you? Soft feelings. Vince is the best.

The Secondary still has some “esplaining to do”
For the most part, Philip Rivers did whatever he wanted on offense. Despite being limp in the red zone, Rivers characteristically tossed 378 yards with 2 TD. Chung got banged up and missed the majority of the game, Dowling left the game with a bad wheel, and Kyle Arrington looked like a failed Kamikaze mission when he tried to tackle Matthews in the 4th quarter. Pretty sure Arrington knocked himself out on that play and is still trying to figure out what comes after letter “L” in the alphabet. No chance he plays next week.

Tom Brady
Coming off of a 500 plus yard game last week, Brady followed up with a 423 yard performance with 3 TD’s. The guy is on fire right now. It’s almost a redundant topic to talk about how ridiculous his level of play is. Right now, the MVP race is between Brady and Cam Newton. Sad but true.

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