Wait..is Darius Butler somewhat funny?

Darius Butler

@DariusButler27 Darius Butler

#ManLaw 162 no man should ever put on his shirt/wifebeater before putting on his boxers/underwear on

So hold on.  Darius Butler had this kind of humor all along?  Even after giving up every single pass thrown his way and not being able to tackle 3rd string running backs that aren’t even in the league anymore, he comes on Twitter and drops this bomb?  Sure, it probably wasn’t even his own thought and he most likely cut and pasted this comment from a different website.  But it’s funny none the less.

A better man law should be “no man should ever put on socks before putting on underwear/wifebeater or shirt”.  I know this because I do it often and it’s not a flattering look at all.  When the only thing on your body is low black ankle socks, it creates an uncomfortable look, even for yourself.  Don’t do it.  Trust me..

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