Sox Stink: Red Sox lose to the Rays… again

And another one bites the dust… The Red Sox lost yet again to the Tampa Bay Rays who are now just three games back of the Sox in the AL Wild Card race. The Rays lit them up last night in a 9-2 beat-down after scoring four runs in the third inning. The Red Sox are now 3-11 in September and the number of injured pitchers is not helping. However, Josh Beckett looks to get back on the mound tonight to take on those pesky Rays after missing some time when he slipped on a banana peel in the bullpen or something. Tonight’s prediction: Red Sox 2, Rays 4 as James Sheilds picks up another complete game and Desmond Jennings hits a 3 run homer off Beckett in the fifth. This would put the Rays up 2-0 in the series with two games remaining between the two teams in the midst of a battle for the AL Wild Card. Following the game David Ortiz will say something inappropriate about how the Red Sox management team is the reason why the team is collapsing.


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