Good Lord…Delonte West’s new nickname is “Butterscotch”

Have you ever watched somebody’s mind and soul slowly rot away right in front of your eyes? Well neither have I, until I discovered Delonte West. NBA players are in a financial crisis right now. Not the big named stars, but the mid level and league minimum paid players who give half of their earnings to agents and child support payments. And no other player in the NBA is handling their time off like Delonte West is. There was the rap songs, the suicidal tweets about working at Home Depot, and now the unvealing of his new nickname…Butterscotch.

Delonte West refers to comedian Kevin Hart’s skit “Chocolate Droppa” (I felt embarrassed typing that just now) in his own skit above.  But as funny as this skit is, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t be surprised if Delonte was found face down in a bowling ally barely breathing in a week or two.  Sad but true.  The guy is climbing the list of “people you wouldn’t trust watching your unborn children” faster than ever.  Right now he moved into second place behind a garbage can of empty coke bottles.

But as long as he can still ball and stay healthy, I really don’t care what he does.  Because if anybody remembers, he was the best player on the court for the Celtics in that Game 5 loss to the Heat in the 2011 Playoffs.  Again, sad but true.

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