Who wants to see the play that might end Mike Wright’s season?

Chris Forsberg | ESPNForsberg
Mike Wright’s final play in Miami: Got hit on side of helmet by rookie Mike Pouncey pulling on a sweep:

Big bad white Mike Wright suffered a concussion in Monday night’s game against the Dolphins and that could be an issue for the “only white guy on the D-Line” because of past similar injuries. Wright missed the last six games of last season with a concussion, so a second one this season could be a concern for the large man baby look alike.

Wright was a starter last year by default. The Pats didn’t exactly boast a talented defensive line last year, so basically anyone who had a high digit number and played defense was named a starter. But this year, Wright will most likely take a back seat to the newcomers (Carter, Haynesworth, Ellis). Still, Wright is a pretty big piece to the D-Line, and as everyone knows, once you get one concussion it becomes increasingly easier to suffer another one. And another one….and another one. Until you end up like former Patriot Ted Johnson, who has to sit in dark rooms and lost his marriage because of severe post concussion syndrome.

So basically, Mike Wright needs to get healthy. Because although Haynesworth showed some good stuff Monday, you can’t rely on a guy who quit on his previous two teams and loves stomping faces.


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