So how drunk did Wakefield get after his 200th win last night

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

“You know, a lot of people go to college for seven years”

“Ya, they’re called doctors” Tommy Boy

Chris Farley and Tim Wakefield aren’t so different ya know. Both gave one thing an unusual amount of attempts and both eventually succeeded at what they set out to do. And last night goddammit, Wake finally, finally got his 200th career win on his eighth try.

Wakefield has been the “specialty” pitcher for Boston throughout his entire career with the team. Growing up as a kid, it was amazing to see a guy top out his pitches at 65mph and strike out bruisers like Albert Belle, Frank Thomas, and Ken Griffey Jr. When Wake’s stuff was good, he was great. But when his stuff was bad, it was brutal. Always though, the guy came to work every night, ready to give up 700 foot bombs or striking out eight. People can lie all they want, but if they were going to see the Red Sox play at Fenway and found out Wake was the starting pitcher, it was always the same reaction, “Ahh, f*#kn Wakefields pitching tonight? I thought he pitched last night?” With the hopes of seeing Pedro, Schilling, Beckett, or Lester throw.

So even though Wake was never the “must see” pitcher in the Red Sox rotation, he has always been a rock on the team. You knew he could get you innings, either as a starter or as a bullpen guy. His painful path to 200 wins was a long one, but like or not he will go down as one of all time Red Sox greats.

P.S. Screw Mariano Rivera for getting his 600th save last night. Can’t Wake ever have his one shining moment? Typical Yankee trash.


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