Get this – Ex Celtic Joe Johnson has fingerprint sensor for shoe closet

Yvonne Boyd for ESPN The Magazine

“I wanted to display all of my shoes, so I had this 500-square-foot closet made. I just thought this would be a cool idea, and it would almost look like a museum. I had a fingerprint sensor put on the door to make sure I’m the only one who can get in here. I mostly wear Air Jordans. All of the Jordan guys are selected by Michael Jordan himself. It’s kind of hard to tell MJ no. I have 436 pairs of sneakers in here, and they’re mostly unworn. I’ll wear all of them eventually.”

Yvonne Boyd for ESPN The Magazine

If I was the most overpaid player in the NBA, I would do the exact same thing. Well, either that or install my own Mcdonalds like Richie Rich.  But I would love to slip into this little layer and replace a pair of my shoes with his.  Just take a pristine pair of Jordans out and put a pair of my shitty thong, worn out, brown sandals in it’s place.  It would undoubtedly throw off the entire “swag” of the room.  Instantly.


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