Rex Ryan looks good as a cartoon

I found this on the floor of the stalls in the men’s bathroom in my office, and although picking it up was one of the worst sanitary mistakes of my lifetime I couldn’t help but awkwardly laugh. Mind you I was in the mens bathroom stall, laughing to myself with a tech guy sitting in the stall next door to me.

Anyways, this fantastic portrayal of Rex Ryan had a caption on the top that I couldn’t quite fit in the picture that read “Jets Stink!!!”. So as I held this sketch, wondering what kind of sickness was about to take over my body from picking up a damp picture off of the mens bathroom floor, I couldn’t help but come up with a couple questions. One, who the hell draws while taking a shit in an office bathroom. Two, if you really hated the Jets, wouldn’t you come up with something more hate-worthy than “Jets Stink”?

This is almost as bad as carving “Jets suck d#$k” into the stall door with a butterfly knife. Actually no, this is worse. Because the person who drew this picture had this planned out. It was premeditated as they brought the pad and pen into the bathroom, only to accidentally draw a hilarious picture of Rex Ryan.

So I’m not sure whether or not to hate this picture right now. All I know, is that my hands are becoming extremely dry from the excessive amounts of disinfectant I have been furiously applying.



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