Jonah Hill chilled with Theo Epstein to learn role for “Money Ball”

“Get Him To The Greek” guy Jonah Hill plays a Yale-educated, numbers-crunching front office baseball nerd in the upcoming hardball drama, “Moneyball.”

So where do you suppose he went to get into character? Where else but the Fenway Park [map] office of a certain Yale-educated, numbers-crunching front-office baseball nerd, aka Theo Epstein!

“He was very open, lovely and generous and seemed excited we were making the movie,” the ex-Little Leaguer told the Track. “I just really needed to understand the culture behind the scenes, what it feels like and smells like in those (scouting) rooms. It was great to watch Theo work.”

How irritated did Theo Epstein get with the heavy breathing pot head looking over his shoulder day after day. I love Jonah Hill, but him and Theo had to have clashed here and there during this “scouting” period. I’m pretty sure Theo didn’t appreciate the multiple times Jonah strolled into a meeting, baked off his ass to interject during a salary budget analysis breakdown. Because Theo looks like a straight edge, no tolerance dude. And Jonah, not so much. From all we know, Jonah Hill is probably lying through his teeth about the pleasantry of young Theo.  Either that, or Theo toked up daily with Jonah.


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