Hernandez and Gronk are a duo from hell

(AP Photo/J. Pat Carter)

Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez might be setting the precedent for NFL future offenses. The Patriots have two tight ends, both second year players, both physically gifted, who can wreak havoc on opposing defenses all game long. Despite their athletic skills, the two tight ends are almost completely different. For one , Hernandez is tatted up more than a Sons of Anarchy wana be actor while Gronk (to my knowledge) has nothing more than typical meat head acne on his skin. Hernandez salivates for the huge play down field as Gronk will shred the D for consistent 5-15 yard catches. Having two tight ends as good as these young bucs, is a daunting task for any defensive coordinator. They’re un-guardable and too fast for linebackers. They are too big and powerful for defensive backs. And although blocking might not be their strong point, they can help stand up a backer or D-End when they have to.

Brady has plenty of toys on offense this year. Branch, Ochocinco (ehh so far), Slater, Welker are all viable options for the type of schemes the Pats plan to run. Throw in Gronk and Hernandez, and you have an offense that could put up points in NFL Blitz 2000 for Nintendo 64.

It’s only been one game, but these two might be becoming the most dangerous duo in football.


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