What is up with the QBs in the NFL?

Last night we saw who I believe to be the two most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL when Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets hosted Tony “Fumbles” Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. Only a few days earlier we witnessed Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees light it up in an epic QB match-up, and then we get stuck with this trash. The Cowboys Jets game ended up being a great game, don’t get me wrong, but the quarterback play was horrendous. The tale of two quarterbacks… Tony Romo consistently blows the game and Sanchez just blows until the end of the game. I’ll give Sanchez credit, he can win games when they count, but he is not what he is portrayed to be. Then you have the Cam Newton’s of the world; the kid killed it and still lost. Rex Grossman won it for the Redskins and his stats looked good on paper, but anyone who watched that game saw every pass four feet above the receivers’ head… and they still caught it. If Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Drew Brees don’t win it all this year it is going to be another Trent Dilfer winning the Super Bowl. At least we have Chad Henne to look forward to tonight, ugh.

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