Manny looks like hell in his mug shot

(courtesy of

They always say the quiet ones are the most dangerous. And although Manny did exhibit some unusual behavior during his playing days, he was usually relatively calm and quiet as a pro.  And not to sound like your uncle after his seventh beer at the family BBQ, but women will make the calm and quiet go crazy.

Manny was arrested tonight for getting into an altercation with his wife.  I would expect furiously fast spoken Spanish being screamed in a fight between Manny and his wife.  I don’t know if any violence took place tonight, but I’ll bet my Bar Mitzvah money Manny and Mrs. Manny were nose to nose, screeching their native tongues at each other.  Just completely going at it, distubing thier hedge fund manager neighbors dinner in the process.

Guarantee ESPN labels this story with a “Manny being Manny” title.  What a bunch of stupid banana heads…


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