Are the New Jersey Devils Bankrupt?

NYPostThe attendance-challenged, heavily indebted team [New Jersey Devils] missed its Sept. 1 loan payment, giving its lenders a breakaway chance to push the team into bankruptcy, a source with direct knowledge of the situation said. “The Devils are blowing up,” the source said.

Nobody goes to their games. Check.

They signed a guy for $100 million. Check.

Their franchise player is getting old. Check.

They play in the worst state in the country. Check.

Yup, sounds like they are the perfect candidates for bankruptcy. The New Jersey Devils are a great franchise and it would suck if they were no longer around. But New Jersey doesn’t deserve shit and the ownership sucks. The team is apparently denying this claim, but lets be honest, who doesn’t deny this?

The Devils have told their banks to get lost, the source said.

Pure class. Will all of the Russian mobsters interested in buying the Devils line up in a single file line behind “The Situation.”


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