Lunch of the Day

Today’s “Lunch of the Day” isn’t a lunch and it wasn’t consumed today. In fact, it was my dinner two nights ago but since I ate my lunch too fast I didn’t have time to take a picture today. But this heap of mess is pretty revolting stuff. Being currently full right now off of pastrami and potato fries doesn’t help either, because this meal is freakin disgusting. Let me walk you through this….

You have a piece of leftover chicken as the main source of protein. Next to that are some frozen vegetables, which lie next to two heaping scoops of cottage cheese (I don’t know what I was thinking). Next to that are two fried eggs with Tabasco Sauce. Listen, I’ve made some wierd shit before but looking back on this dinner makes me question my own culinary taste. I’m almost embarrassed by it.

And if you are wondering then yes, I did have a horrible nights sleep with this in my stomach. In fact, I basically lived in the bathroom that night (way too much dairy on this plate).


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