Milan Lucic questioned by police after altercation with girlfriend

Boston Herald  – Stanley Cup hero Milan Lucic was questioned by police early yesterday after he and his girlfriend got into an altercation in the North End.

According to a police report of the incident, the Bruins [team stats] left winger was “highly intoxicated and hostile” after he and his galpal argued outside a Starbucks on Commercial Street shortly before 1:30 a.m.

Witnesses told police the 6-foot-4, 220-pound hockey player was yelling at his girlfriend, who was on the ground, and at one point threw her shoes and purse at her. However, the woman told police she was not physically assaulted and “was adamant about not being harmed,” the report states. Police “did not observe any visible injuries,” the report says, and Lucic was not charged.

I don’t see why Lucic is wasting his time with this chick. If the girl crosses you, then kick her to the curb (not literally), simple as that. You’re a professional hockey player.  There are plenty of girls out there that aren’t going to give you shit. Well, initially they won’t but later down the road they will. And that’s when you kick them to the curb once again and continue the vicious cycle.

P.S. How the hell did the girlfriend’s shoes end up in Lucic’s hands? All I’m imagining right now is Lucic firing the shoes at the girl, while she curls up in the fetal position. Pretty horrible if you think about it, but you can get away with shit like that if you win in Boston.


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