Gronkowski brothers reunite on Patriots: Meathead Nation forming

The New England Patriots made a couple of interesting moves on Wednesday, cutting defensive lineman Gerard Warren and signing tight end Dan Gronkowski, the brother of current Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Dan Gronkowski is Rob’s older brother and one of three Gronkowski brothers to have played in the NFL. Chris Gronkowski was recently cut by the Cowboys. Dan Gronkowski was released by the Broncos.

Testosterone levels will be through the roof in Foxboro. Two thirds of the Gronkowski brothers will be playing together this year, and that makes for some serious, over the top meathead behavior. Expect to see the brothers comparing biceps on the sidelines, while comparing other body parts in the locker room….

But all kidding aside, playing with your brother on the same team in the NFL might be one of the coolest things around. Although there is no telling how long Dan will be on the Pats, this situation should bring out the best in Rob. But it also might create situations that make Pats fans bury their face in their hands due to excessive “meathead” activity. These two idiots will certainly be entertaining .


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