Final weigh in on the Maryland Football Uniforms

Maryland revealed their new uniforms Monday night against the U, and judging by Facebook statuses and Twitter updates, people seemed to love them. Here are a few for example:

“Loving those new uni’s Terps, Dem’ shits are baaaaaaaad”

“If you would like to see the flyest uniforms around, put on ESPN now!!”

“Holy shit Terps!! #getmeoneofthose”

“Just became a Maryland football fan #iloveturtles”

So as you can see, people apparently approved of the new and innovative jersey design. But when it comes down to it, these uniforms look more like a NASCAR fire suit rather than a football jersey. New jersey designs aren’t always a good thing. Just ask the old Washington Wizards. But do people really think these look good? I applaud the attempt, don’t get me wrong but these uni’s look horrendous. And to add to it, white guys look awful in these jerseys. Everybody knows that black guys can pull off shit like this, but white guys don’t have a chance. It’s too many designs on one shirt, and the Caucasian race just looks goofy wearing it.

So although the uniforms were interesting and new, don’t trump the idea of going back to the original design.  Because looking like a fake NFL team from “Any Given Sunday” is never a good thing.


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