Dime of the Week

And this week’s “Dime of the Week” is the wife of Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork. She could be a body double I swear to god. Despite the skin tone, she would be dead on. But you have to hand it to Vince here. Because of his economic situation, he could have any girl he wants. Well, not any girl but semi attractive girls. And with that, he chooses his wife over those “other” women. It shows character and a bit of integrity. Not a lot of professional athletes can push the younger, much better looking, better in shape, flawless skin, amazing body, less heavier breathing woman away for an average girl. And Vince did just that. Is this the beginning of a revolution for athletes and dating? Nah, probably not.


2 thoughts on “Dime of the Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look, a couple of billion guys get married and stay married to women who don’t fit the stereotype of the rich pro athlete’s hot wife– and it’s not out of charity. It doesn’t require conventional cover-girl looks to know how to make a man REAL happy– and all the better if she’s been with her man long enough to know what he’s like, and what he likes ! I bet that Wilfork had met a variety of girls and women while growing up into a prominent athlete, and I’ll also bet that Mrs. W. has plenty of charms that he knows how to appreciate. His smile looks genuine. And so does hers!
    P.S. I know you were trying to sort of kind of pay VW a compliment, but come on, man!

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