Life without Brandon Meriweather

The New England Patriots made final roster moves this past weekend, and the move that stood out more than a doodie stain on white shorts was the removal of Brandon Meriweather. To most, Meriweather’s time with the Pats has been disappointing. His inability to simply “get” the Patriot way has been the most disturbing issue. The former first round draft choice always had the athletic ability, but never had the right stuff in between the ears. His two pro-bowl years are seen as a lack of depth issue in the NFL rather than an impressive achievement.  So is it technically a bittersweet breakup with Meriweather?  Most fans will vote on the “sweet” side of the departure, but for the sake of argument, Meriweather wasn’t all that bad, right?

What we’ll miss:

VIP on Swole

It’s not often a professional athlete creates a rap song.  Correction a solid rap song.  The more you listen to this song, the more you end up loving it.  I’m not even kidding, this song should be echoing in gyms all over the country at high school dances.

Nasty mentality

Say what you want about the illegal hits Meriweather displayed last year, but if you are a safety in the National Football League you need to have a crazy side. Whether it’s decapitating a much larger man when he is defenseless in mid air or stomping someone on the ground with football cleats in the middle of a brawl, being a little crazy is better than being a pushover.

The voice

It’s not exactly sexy, soothing, or even masculine for that matter, but Meriweather’s voice is one those things that kept you liking the guy. Even after having a brutal game that involved over pursuing plays and blowing coverages, when the guy spoke after the game it made you crack a smile. Although you wonder why Meriweather has yet to hire a speech therapist at this point in his career, he still made you laugh just by opening his mouth.

What we won’t miss:

“He’ll be alright”

For the most part, Meriweather has always been somewhat protected by the Patriots.  Even though sources reported that Meriweather still didn’t know the playbook well into the season two years ago, and that he constantly finds himself in the wrong position on plays, the Pats always had his back.  The “he’ll be alright, Brandon is a good player” defending method was said by the Patriots staff way too often.  But no more.

The voice

Although I just stated above how Meriweather’s voice will be missed, I came to realize how horrendous that thing sounds.  Not a chance anyone will miss that Mike Tyson like vocal box.  I’m ashamed of myself for complementing it.  I’m contemplating deleting the paragraph above..

Not knowing what the hell was going on

Not sure if it was a combination of not giving a shit or lack of intelligence, but at times it was evident that Meriweather had no freaking clue of what was going on on the field. Meriweather would try to make up for his lack of field sense by making a huge hit after the offense converted a first down (below). Consistent big hits, but inconsistent overall play.


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