Live Deutsche Bank Update: “Rickie Fowler’s body is legit”

Mr. MBA just sent in some more information regarding the Deutsche Bank Championship. None of the information was pertaining to the tournament of course. Instead, our own Mr. MBA was taken back by the physique of young Rickie Fowler. Since his press pass granted him up close access, Mr. MBA had the unique opportunity to get a little too close to Fowler. The supposedly happy Mr. MBA, who is involved in a serious relationship with his girlfriend of many years, sent in these photos with the caption reading,

“Rickie Fowler’s body is legit”

I’m a little worried at this point.  After the strange episode this morning, I think my associate Mr. MBA is doing a little too much “man hunting” than reporting.  As long as he keeps it in his pants I’m fine with it.


This just in….Mr. MBA just messaged me saying the black and blue burgers at the concession stand are out of this world.  I don’t pay him the big bucks for nothing.

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