Chad Ochocinco eats like a stoned 5 year old chick

Mad respect to the diagonal cut of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich by the way. Everybody who knows food, knows that cutting a sandwich diagonally makes it that much better. But everything else Chad has here is along the lines of munchy food.

About two years ago when the Bengals were involved in the HBO series “Hard Knocks”, Chad stated that he doesn’t drink or do drugs. But after these purchases, you could make the argument that Chad hit the bubbler once or twice before he went to Walgreens. Not to mention this “meal” might create one of the worst stomach aches known to man. There’s a reason grown men can’t eat like this anymore. Because if they did, they would be taking rancid dumps on an insane sugar high.  I guess Ochocinco is one of a kind though, and hopefully he pulls his head out of his ass when the season starts too.

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