Lunch of the Day

Today’s Lunch of the Day is an interesting one. If you think you see a hot dog mixed in with some shit that it shouldn’t be mixed in with, then you are seeing correctly. Now, allow me to get a chance to defend myself….

This morning as I was preparing my lunch (simple piece of chicken and frozen vegetables) I noticed that it wasn’t enough food to fill me up through out the afternoon. So like any man would do, I checked out the scene in the refrigerator to see what else I could eat. The only thing I saw was a carton of orange juice, a jar of pickles, one egg, a plate of two hot dogs, and a bowl of beans. As I eliminated the obvious foods I couldn’t bring to work, the beans and hot dogs were an easy decision. Knowing that the hot dogs were not mine and were my roommate’s, I proceeded to do the gentleman’s half cut on the hot dog, thus only taking 50% of the dog. I threw it on top of my lunch, and while I was at it I decided to take a scoop or two of some ball park beans. Yes everything was mashed together and no the hot dogs weren’t kosher, but overall it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve had.

Unfortunately right now I’m still pretty goddamn hungry, so I guess I’ll just go fill up on some sugar packets in the break room.

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