ESPN’s Woody Paige is beyond horrible

Courtesy of TBJ's "The Spoked C"

If you watched ESPN’s “Around the Horn” during the week, then you have seen the old sack of wrinkles that is Woody Paige, flapping his gums and taking the most extreme side in debates. You might also see the mini blackboard in the background of his picture, with pictures and phrases that Woody thinks is hilarious. And if you watch the program, you get it. Woody is the old guy that is borderline senile, that everyone laughs at and doesn’t really take seriously.

But the humor that Woody tried to portray as hysterical yesterday just crossed the line. I can deal with people who aren’t funny; aunts, co-workers, bosses, people who small talk in the supermarket, rapists. But I can’t deal with people who aren’t funny and try to shove it in your face each day on a blackboard.

I’m not even sure what Woody was going for with this picture:

“I’m getting a tattoo”….”Where?”

It’s literally just a statement from one person to another.  Not an ounce of humor in this.  Just an awful cut of a an awful conversation.  And this was on national TV too by the way.  National freaking TV. ESPN must be considering firing this guy, but it would probably fall into the ageism category. Goddamn you unfunny Woody Paige…Goddamn you.

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