Lions call Mankins “Dirty Bastard”: Rivalry in the making?

During last week’s Patriots-Lions game, New England offensive lineman Logan Mankins was flagged for grabbing Detroit defensive lineman Lawrence Jackson by the facemask. Jackson’s teammate Ndamukong Suh stepped in and went after Mankins, and now Jackson is saying that the whole confrontation that went on between the teams is a result of Mankins’ dirty play.

Yeah, he’s a dirty bastard,” Jackson said. “That’s all. He’s dirty. I kind of called him out on it. Things got a little rough. It seems like defense is always on the short end of the stick in the league. The offense gets away with a lot of stuff, especially the offensive line; 95% of it doesn’t get called.”

When told of Jackson’s comments, Mankins wasn’t particularly bothered.

That’s fine,” Mankins said. “Everyone has their own opinion.” 


But seriously, is it any secret that Mankins isn’t a dirty player? Ya, no shit he’s a “Dirty Bastard” Jackson, why don’t you open a book.  What “new” information are you going to tell me next, Kim Kardashian has a sex tape?

Mankins has built his stellar reputation on being one of the nastiest offesnive lineman in the league. And that’s what makes him so goddamm good. Not many players in the league can hold out for more than half of a season and still be voted into the Pro-Bowl.

So thanks for the obvious statement Mr. Jackson.  Now ride the coat tails of Ndamukong Suh until you inevitable fall into the mediocre defensive line category.


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