Francisco Cervelli just being Cervelli

In Tuesday’s Yankee win over the Red Sox, things began to heat up when Francisco Cervelli hit a home run to take a 4-2 lead in the fifth inning. Cervelli stopped and clapped his hands when he crossed home plate, pissing off John Lackey and most of Red Sox Nation.

ESPN – Francisco Cervelli summed up his actions on Tuesday with a phrase that should live with him the rest of his Yankees career, especially if you say it like “That’s Amore.””That’s Cervelli,” he said when asked to describe his act on Tuesday night.Cervelli is sincere when he hot dogs, as he did with a big clap of his hands when he crossed home plate after his absolute bomb off of John Lackey in the fifth. He is not trying to show anyone up. He is just emotional. That’s Cervelli. Two innings later, Lackey, who thought Cervelli’s clap was excessive, drilled him in the back.

Franny Cervelli is so Italian that he sweats out olive oil… well, he is actually Venezuelan by birth but who’s keeping track these days?  I know Francisco has made himself one of the more hated Yankees according to Red Sox Nation, but I give the guy some credit even if speaking in third person is wicked douche-baggy. He is a back up catcher who only has three career home runs, so I understand where the hate comes from. He isn’t good, he used to wear a hilarious helmet, and his accent is classic. But all he did was clap his hands after a rare home run for him. David Ortiz does much worse and maybe he deserves to do so, but don’t kill the kid for doing what others do all the time. I’m glad this has gotten so much attention because this rivalry was beginning to die down, but relax “That’s Cervelli!”


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