Please stay away from this man Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco

@ochocincoChad Ochocinco

Hello Pac Man, how is everything in Cincy grasshopper? RT @REALPACMAN24@ochocincowhatzup bra

We know your pre-season games have been anything but good Chad, but please do not resort to the advice of Adam “Pacman” Jones.  I would almost prefer if you picked up hard drug abuse or alcoholism rather than reaching out to the biggest sack of wasted talent in the NFL.  A simple conversation with Pacman can lead to events that will put you in the papers and destroy your career.  You either find yourself wasted off of Goldschlager at 3Am in a seedy strip club in Dallas, ready to punch a stripper in the head because everyone else is doing it…..Or, you find yourself playing “chicken” on the nearest interstate in two Ferrari’s against the Asian mob.
Again, nothing good can come of this, so steer away from this man Chad.  He has the kiss of death for NFL careers.

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