Ndamukong Suh says he’s not dirty…because his momma doesn’t think he is

Proud parents always make the most objective observers, right?

Ndamukong Suh apparently thinks so, as he shrugged off any suggestions that he’s become a dirty player, using his mother’s opinion as proof.

“I’ll consider myself a dirty player when my mom calls me a dirty player,” Suh said Monday, according to The Associated Press.

Well then. I guess that’s settled. NESN.com


And the rampage that is Ndamukong Suh rolls on. His attitude speaks for itself. There is no chance in hell this guy changes his style of play just because the NFL is getting softer than a retirement home. And what happens when you ask an already angry, dominant D-Lineman a smug question about his play? You get a smug, smart ass answer in return. And you know what, it’s awesome to watch unfold. Fans haven’t seen an NFL player like this since Ray Lewis was in his prime. An athlete that would strike fear in the opposing team without even stepping out on the field. His reputation alone, will intimidate teams before the whistle is even blown.

So keep doing what you’re doing Suh, because it’s entertaining as hell to watch.

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