Raiders refuse to let Pryor wear No. 2 Jersey

Apparently, the Raiders don’t wantTerrelle Pryor taking after a quarterback who threw 23 interceptions, fumbled 25 times and was sacked 70 times in 31 career games. Go figure.

When Oakland selected Pryor in the third round of the NFL’s supplemental draft last week, one of the first matters to tend to was choosing a jersey number for the scorned Ohio State star. Raiders coach Hue Jackson made one thing clear to Pryor: No. 2 won’t do.

According to Vittorio Tafur of the San Francisco Cronicle, the team told its newest quarterback they would not allow him to take No. 2, the same number that 2007 first overall selection JaMarcus Russell wore during his disastrous three-year stint with the silver and black. Pryor instead was spotted at practice donning the No. 6.

Jamarcus Russel may or may not be tying the final not to his massive noose for his massive neck right now. Imagine playing so horribly for a team, that they forbid any player to wear your cursed jersey number in the future. Not only did the Raiders cut Russel for his horrifying performance on the field, but they refuse any player to even consider putting on his former jersey number. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders organization just gets rid of the No.2 jersey all together. Has a funeral service for it and everything.  Well. that or a Comedy Central Roast.

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