Lucic Gets A Nose Job

“The nose is good,” Lucic said before his charity game. “I got that fixed, which is great. I wasn’t able to breathe out of my right nostril, so that kind of sucked. It’s like a refreshing feeling right now to be able to get more oxygen intake through my nose.”

I’ve gotten used to Lucic’s obscenely crooked and broken nose. I feel like that nose has become the face of the Boston Bruins, and now through the magic and mystery of today’s medicine, that beak on #17 is gonna’ be lookin’ just right. Also, having played hockey myself, it’s a lot harder than most people think. Skating requires a lot of breathing and to have one nostril completely closed off must have sucked. Literally sucked.  Every interview Lucic has done left me saying, “he always has a cold.” Now I know why.

Lucic also has a broken toe, thanks a lot Seguin. It happened during a practice in the Lightning series.

“It’s pretty funny,” Lucic said. “It’s pretty destroyed. There’s a little bit of pain in there, I’m not going to lie. But there’s nothing you can really do about it. If I was to get it fixed with surgery I’d be out for three months. I don’t really think that’s worth it right now.”

With the season fast approaching, Lucic ain’t missing 3 months. He’ll deal with it like a man. A man with a new nose, a new face, and a new lease on life.


One thought on “Lucic Gets A Nose Job

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