Larry David says Belichick would not do well in cameo on Curb’

Bill Belichick once made a cameo on Denis Leary’s Rescue Me, but trying to find the footage online is as challenging an endeavor as one could ever imagine.

It’s so difficult, in fact, that Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld creator Larry David must not have seen it.

David was a guest Friday on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan, where the hosts asked him if he would ever try to get Belichick and Rex Ryan to make guest spots on his show.

“I might have the power,” David said, when asked if he could unite the two coaches on the screen. “I certainly don’t have the interest, although I do like Rex a lot. Belichick does not seem like he would deliver a scintillating performance.”

Belichick’s got a preseason game to prepare for, so it’s unlikely he was listening, and it’s just as unlikely that he’ll answer David’s challenge. He did, however, say this on Thursday, on a completely unrelated topic.

“I don’t agree with that,” Belichick said Thursday, talking about running backs. “I’m sure that there are other people that have other opinions, which is great. I’m sure I’m wrong about a lot of things but I wouldn’t agree with that.”

That probably settles that … right? 

Larry David nailed it on the head.  No way in hell Belichick could give a half way decent performance on Curb.  First of the all, the show is completely improv.  Meaning that Belichick would have to be cleaver and funny on his feet, something he most likely has never done in his cold life.  Second, I don’t think he would fully understand Larry David’s humor on set.  The guy is king of dissecting awkward situations, so he would have an absolute field day with Belichick.  I’m not sure old Bill could handle that.  The character clash between these two guys would be monumental, but it would probably be way too uncomfortable for the viewer.  Even for a Curb episode.

So Belichick is a great coach, but most likely a miserable actor.


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