Biz Markie remains to stay relevant in commercial with Youkilis


Herb Chambers, Kevin Youkilis, and Biz Markie might be the oddest and most random group of guys you can conjure up.  But for some reason this commercial felt fluent.  Herb Chambers might have more money than Youk and Markie combined, because there is a Herb Chambers dealer every five blocks in Massachusetts.  Actually he definitely has more money than Youk and Markie, because judging on the Biz’s current dental condition I’m guessing he blew most of his money in the 90’s.  Despite the discrepancy in income between these three guys, they made a pretty enjoyable commercial.

P.S. Biz Markie is riding this one hit wonder of a song into the depths of hell.  The fact that he is still singing that song in a commercial in 2011 is nothing short of amazing.


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