Tim Tebow is the 4th best QB on Broncos…end of a non existent era?

If you’re wondering about the plight of that other inexperienced passer on the Broncos’ roster – how far and fast he has fallen in the eyes of his bosses – consider that at least some people in the organization believe that Tim Tebow(notes) is the fourth-best quarterback on the roster.

As one highly knowledgeable member of the organization told me Monday, “If everything was totally equal, and this were a competition based only on performance at this camp, Tebow would probably be the fourth-string guy. Kyle [Orton] is far and away the best, and Tebow’s way behind [Brady] Quinn, too. And I’m telling you, Adam Weber is flat-out better right now.”

Translation: Tebow, you’re not in Florida anymore. Yahoosports.com 

Josh Mcdaniel is gone from the Broncos.  The firey, revenge seeking, out of his element young coach was fired by the Broncos last season and was known for having a tremendous amount of faith in God’s son, Tim Tebow.  Well, Mcdaniel is no longer with the Broncos, and from the outsider’s perspective, interest in Tebow might also be gone from the Broncos as well.

When your first round draft pick from last season is behind Brady Quinn on the depth chart, it’s a sign to panic.  Hell, if any quarterback on your squad is behind Brady Quinn on the depth chart it’s a sign to panic.  But Tebow’s situation is different.  He was a quarterback that Mcdaniel and the Broncos put a lot of stock, time, and effort into.  Developing his arm to be NFL ready was the project they had planned for the kid.  Although it was a bigger project for the Broncos than a 3rd grader’s science project for their parents, it was Denver’s ideal situation to have this kid be the future of the team.

And with Mcdaniel gone and the buzz ultimately dying around Tebow, is this where we see this guy fade away into the NFL abyss?  Because let’s be honest, 4th string quarterbacks aren’t very coveted in this league.  Especially the Jesus freak rah rah types…

One thought on “Tim Tebow is the 4th best QB on Broncos…end of a non existent era?

  1. Chris Ross says:

    It looks like he’s sticking around but considering where Orton and Tebow were going into the preseason and where they are now it’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out as the year(s) go along. Being outplayed by Orton, Quinn and possibly Weber doesn’t bode well for Tebow and all the scrutiny he faces but in the end he is going to have to deal with it because it is unavoidable for him. He’s a winner with great instincts but will that translate to the NFL game. A lot of people have varying opinions and I think I’m swaying towards the won’t category but really, who knows. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/08/25/what-to-make-of-mr-tebow%E2%80%99s-wild-ride/

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